Civility Summit Sponsorship

Our proven process for having successful and engaging Civility Summits is because our team has coordinated, worked with, and spoken at thousands of schools . We are passionate about a positive outcome for the greater good of the students and educators. 

If you are a business, foundation, or just a person interested in spreading the message of civility, kindness, and safe discussion we would love to speak with you. 

We are passionate about civility and teaching it at the high-school level because we know that our country and society in general needs to understand that the best ideas and solving problems can only happen when people can talk and be free to express themselves. 

We have created sponsorship donations that are used to bring these successful events to the high schools. 

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We are committed to bringing Civility Summits to high schools throughout the United States. If you are interested in having a Civility Summit at a specific school, we are excited to speak with you. Click the find out more button below and let's chat.

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