The National Civility Association was formed after a Civility Summit was held and a group of the people who attended pulled the speaker aside to discuss further options on how to bring this to the masses. 

The event was so powerful and spoke to the real issues that the school seemed to be faced with. Not only did it seem the issues were prevalent at their high school but these issues seemed to be a problem all over the country.

After some planning it was determined that forming a non-profit 501(c)3 would be the best way to bring Civility Summits to students throughout the United States. 

We are passionate and committed to delivering this to as many students, staff and community members as possible the message that being civil is working together and while we all have different opinions we can still treat each other with respect and care for each other through kindness. 


About Us

Dr. Mike Thomson


 Dr. Mike is a Co-Founder of the National Civility Association and is our Civility Summit Presenter and Facilitator. He is a proud husband, father and grandfather. Dr. Mike’s purpose in life is helping people change their mindsets and filling their lives with positivity through his “Better Me - Better You - Better Us” mentality.

Christopher Swanson


 Chris is a Co-Founder of the National Civility Association. He is a CEO and successful businessman and extremely proud to be the Mayor of Two Harbors, MN where the Civility Summits began! Chris is also a devoted husband and father.

Janelle Jones


 Janelle is a Co-Founder and Executive Director of the National Civility Association. She is a successful businesswoman and the current President and CEO of the Lake County Chamber of Commerce. She has a true passion for making her community the best of the best.

Dr. Dan Ross


“Children First” has always been the foundation for everything that Dr. Ross has initiated in his career. As a successful Superintendent of three districts and former Commissioner of the Ohio High School Athletic Association, Dan is super excited to be an instrumental part of our Civility Summits nationwide.  

Jay Belcastro


Jay is a Co-Founder and an integral part of the National Civility Association. He is currently a High School Principal for Lake Superior Schools in Two Harbors, MN. He encouraged and rallied around the Two Harbors DECA students to help create and promote the very first Civility Summit.

Holly Parente


Holly is the Director of Customer Experience for the National Civility Association and the Event Coordinator for each of the Civility Summits. She is a mother of two (spirited!) boys and has a true passion to help others through the promotion of civility and kindness!

Our Founding Civility Team Partners



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